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A clear message

Apr 14,2018 - Last updated at Apr 14,2018

Water, a scarce commodity in Jordan, is on the mind of Prime Minister Hani Mulki for obvious reasons.

Given the huge number of Syrian refugees in the country and the projected increase in the number of tourists, who would be visiting Jordan this year, the prime minister wanted Jordan to be well-prepared for all eventualities, including the steady and natural increase in domestic demand for water.

Mulki's visit last week to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation must be seen against this backdrop and the fact that he aimed to drive home the message that securing enough water supplies for the summer and beyond is a high priority for the country and that he will not leave any stone unturned in search for viable solutions.

Jordan, said the prime minister, "will go ahead" with its desalination projects and will not wait forever, for anyone, to implement these vital projects.

Prime Minister Mulki must have wanted to send a clear message to Israel that Jordan cannot wait indefinitely for its consent to implement the Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project (Red-Dead project).

It is commendable of the prime minister to take such a bold and principled position on the issue of water and that he will not let Israel stand in Jordan's way in implementing the Red-Dead project, which will offer Jordan water security in the face of a severe water shortage. 

Jordan is considered one of the world's poorest countries in terms of water availability and cannot afford to leave shortage of water as an impediment for its sustainable growth and development.

Mulki wanted to act fast and urgently on addressing this problem, and judging by his early initiatives, the country could be well on its way to addressing a major obstacle to its security and progress.

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