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Awakening Chinese involvement in world affairs

Oct 02,2019 - Last updated at Oct 02,2019

China has just marked its 70th anniversary with much fanfare and display of military might. China has made great leaps during the past 70 years from being a relatively backward economy to becoming the second largest economy in the world.

In this process, it has become a model for a country transforming itself from a developing nation into a developed nation. Credit goes to its leadership throughout the last seven decades, especially during the rule of the incumbent leader Xi Jinping.

President Xi stood up to US President Donald Trump during the last round of trade wars. He did it quietly, soberly and diplomatically.

China has cultivated good relations with many countries in the world, including developing countries in Latin America and Africa. Beijing has also been generous with its aid and support to poorer countries, making it a symbol of prosperity and generosity towards neighbours and distant countries alike.

The Chinese industrial and technological revolutions have become the envy of great powers, whereby China has emerged, during the past recent years, as a leader in technological innovation, inspiring others to follow its example.

China has peaceful relations with its neighbours, and has strived to settle its disputes with other nations through quiet diplomacy and dialogue. The way China responded to the US provocations on trade issues proves that its leadership is wise, steady and mature.

Unfortunately, though, Beijing has a low profile on Middle Eastern issues, including the Palestinian crisis. One would have thought that mighty China would act more boldly against ongoing Israeli provocations against the Palestinians, including the annexation of their lands. Even during the recent gulf conflict, China kept a very low profile.

One would have hoped that China would make its voice heard not only in the Far East, but elsewhere in the world, given the fact that China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and bears great responsibility for promoting peace and stability in all regions of the world.

Awakening Chinese interests and involvement in world affairs is something on which the international community pins great hopes. It is certain that China will play its natural global role, and if not immediately, then in the very near future.

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