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Jordan closely monitors south Syria, with border tightly protected

By JT - Apr 23,2018 - Last updated at Apr 23,2018

AMMAN — Jordan is following up closely on developments in the de-escalation zone in the southwestern region of Syria, Minister of State for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani said on Monday.

At a press conference at the Prime Ministry, following a Cabinet session earlier in the day, Momani, who is also the government spokesperson, said that the Kingdom is monitoring and following up on media reports about field developments in the de-escalation zone, according to a government statement.

Media reports highlighted military developments by armed forces within the zone.

The minister added that Jordan's stance towards the Syrian crisis has always called for a political solution to the eight-year long conflict.

He noted that officials are constantly in direct contact with influential players involved in the Syrian crisis, with “a pro-stability language”.

Momani underlined the "strategic importance" of maintaining the de-escalation zone and expanding it to safeguard the Kingdom's security and Syrian interests, adding that Jordan will deal with any developments within to this framework. 

The minister also warned that "whoever comes close to the Kingdom's borders will die".

Replying to journalists' questions on means of safeguarding the Kingdom's northern border, Momani said: "We have a border security system that most countries lack".

It is almost eight years since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, and there is war on the other side of Jordan's northern border, he noted, “yet we have managed to preserve our borders all these years and stopped terrorists from infiltrating into our territory”.

Countries secure their borders with two armies from two sides, he said, but "ours are only protected by the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army", due to the lack of required protection from the other side, Momani added.

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