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Action plans to address present challenges ‘within 10 days’ — PM

By Omar Obeidat - Jun 06,2016 - Last updated at Jun 06,2016

Prime Minister Hani Mulki and several ministers meet with chief editors of daily newspapers and columnists on Sunday (Photo by Ahmad Assaf)

AMMAN – Prime Minister Hani Mulki on Sunday said the government will produce within 10 days action plans to implement strategies for all sectors mentioned in the Royal Letter of Designation. 

At a meeting with editors-in-chief of daily newspapers and columnists attended by eight ministers, including the three deputy prime ministers, Mulki cited the Cabinet's decision of last Wednesday to form teams headed by the three deputy prime ministers to look into priorities in all fields and take the necessary decisions.

The Council of Ministers had formed 19 teams to review the 19 points listed in the Letter of Designation, functioning under three categories: political, economic and administrative.

“We have always had strategies for each sector but ministries lacked action plans on how to implement such strategies. The government will come up with comprehensive action plans within 10 days,” said the premier, whose government was sworn in before the King on Wednesday. 

He said that some of the key priorities for the government included in the Royal letter is to accelerate preparations for the meeting of the Saudi-Jordanian Coordination Council, which, he said, is expected to be Thursday.

The other urgent issue is to draft by-laws and instructions related to the Decentralisation Law, in addition to means to address unemployment and poverty through development and training, adding that the action plans will be set through dialogue with concerned stakeholders. 

Mulki said the government would work relentlessly to tackle economic woes facing the Kingdom, citing some of the economic challenges Jordan has been going through due to regional instability. 

Between 2011 and 2015 the population of the country grew by 9 per cent on annual basis, he said, adding that the ratio of investments to the gross domestic product (GDP) went down from nearly 25 per cent to 20 per cent, and indebtedness grew from 67 per cent of the GDP in 2010 to 93 per cent of the GDP currently. 

In regards to the administrative aspect, the premier said the public sector is bloated and does not offer quality services to the public or investors, adding that Jordan is lagging behind in the field of electronic government.

On the foreign policy of Jordan, Mulki said that the diplomacy of Jordan and its political stances on regional issues proved to be “wise and successful” and gained international respect. 

Relationship with media 


The prime minister said the government would ensure access to information as it will deal with the media in a transparent and open manner, adding the government believes that the “fourth estate” is essential in the Kingdom’s development process. 

“We will be open to advice and criticism,” he added. 


Elections and political powers 


The premier said the government will offer all support to the Independent Elections Commission, which will administer all stages of the upcoming parliamentary elections, adding that the integrity of elections is a given and a necessity as it would reflect the reform achievement Jordan has made over the past years. 

Mulki said the government would be neutral and transparent in dealing with all political powers, adding the government will also be open to dialogue.


Responding to a question on dealing with the unlicensed Muslim Brotherhood group in the elections, Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of State Musa Maaytah said the movement has a licensed political party, the Islamic Action Front, which has the right to participate in the upcoming elections.

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