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Social media problems

Dec 19,2016 - Last updated at Dec 19,2016

Social media have effected great changes in our societies, not all good.

Social networks are supposed to be tools that increase communication between people but, in my view, they weaken social and human relations.

Communication is a means of strengthening social relations, but social relations mean a lot more than simply exchanging news and views. They are important to the personal, psychological and social development of individuals and community.

The wastage of time on social networking may negatively affect the life of individuals, their achievements and effectiveness.

Despite the fact that these networks could be useful, the uncontrolled use and poor time management may lead to wasting a lot of time every day.

Social media may also cause much harm when they spread bad news. It is wise to overlook some bad news so as not to create serious problems between groups of people.

The absence of reliable authentication sources for material posted on the Internet is also a serious problem.

For example, the absence of intellectual property rights makes it easy for thousands to copy visual and written material and post it on their Facebook sites without licence, in the hope of getting “likes”, for example.


Isa Aljundi,

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