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Jordanian media is not shackled

Mar 21,2022 - Last updated at Mar 21,2022

Addustour’s local affairs editor highlighted the different views on foreign funding, noting that some consider it as reprehensible, unlike others who evaluate it according to its employment in developmental, social, political or media aspects.

Some consider it a means of livelihood granted to people from democratic countries, he added.

Some funding, which mainly originates from friendly countries, has reached individuals who have become centres of power and tyranny in the state, he stressed, calling for fighting such forms of funding and taking immediate measures.

A number of beneficiaries enjoy foreign protection granted by virtue of citizenship of great countries, he said, noting that some of them do not enjoy Jordanian citizenship in the first place and practice their business through relatives and friends.

Several use WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages affiliated with third parties to gain power, creating campaigns and launching them on social media, the editor noted.

The editor presented the aforementioned introduction in response to an article by Al Hurra’s Nidal Mansour, titled “Shackled Media”.

The editor described Mansour’s annual media report as “ridiculous”, claiming that Mansour used testimonies from a WhatsApp group where many benefit from grants and receive compliments from embassies.

It is true that some of those whose opinions surveyed are not from that group, he added.

Mansoor's article is not full of inaccuracies, but is based on them, the editor commented.

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