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Lengthening the crisis… is a crisis

May 03,2020 - Last updated at May 03,2020

Addustour’s Lama Absah said that many countries have begun to gradually lifting its coronavirus restrictions after a fall in the infection rate.

The Kingdom, despite the positive results, insists on easing restrictions at the minimal level, along with maintaining the comprehensive curfew, she said.

Highlighting the strict measures, Absah added we still hear the phrase “for your safety, stay at home” accompanied with warns on the probability of imposing fines against violators.

No one doubts the efficacy of the Kingdom’s measures, but the restrictions on public life have become an economic and psychological burden, she argued, urging an end to the restrictions.

She said that when the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned against a possible second and third wave of COVID-19, the organisation focused on restructuring the ill-prepared health systems and resuming the economic cycle to prepare for the next stages.

The officials in the Kingdom stuck to the first part and maintained the coronavirus-related measures, she said, wondering about who will compensate the financial losses incurred by the state and individuals.

Post-coronavirus conditions are more dangerous, she said, calling for leaving aside all fears about the future.

What we need is preparing the health system to battle the pandemic, she said, stressing that the WHO also warned against the economic repercussions.

It can be hard to shift to optimistic thinking, she said, wondering how can for a county shackled in unequal treaties and debts, among other challenges, to overcome coronavirus economic repercussions.    

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