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‘Jordan and the coronavirus antidote’

Apr 15,2020 - Last updated at Apr 16,2020

Al Rai’s AbdulHafith Hrout said that if the world, led by its politicians, had dedicated the fortunes and efforts it is currently forced to exert to combat COVID-19 to science, health and development, peace and the end of hunger would have been a reality.

Hrout said that life is suspended due to an invisible virus, yet “humanity” still moves restrictedly between countries, as every country licks its own wounds in the absence of effective alliances and cooperation.

The writer said that Jordanians take pride in their Kingdom, as it is one of the few countries to successfully manage to control the pandemic, as if it had its antidote mainly due to the government’s efforts.

He said that although reports indicate that COVID-19 is on its way to defeat, it still reaps souls, while establishments that manufacture advanced deadly weapons stand still and major countries are held captive by the virus consumed by searching for a vaccine that could take a long time to come.

The columnist said that Jordanians must continue playing their role, whether under lockdown or while permitted to move, urging that they do not fall for panic buying when basic commodities are available in the Kingdom’s markets for long months to come, including Ramadan.

He said that people’s commitment to better behaviour during the pandemic, like cleanliness and organisation in public spaces in support of authorities’ efforts, is a gateway to more civilised behaviour than ever to continue after the pandemic, highlighting that COVID-19 calls for all people to reconsider and correct their behaviour.

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