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Coronavirus and social security

Apr 23,2020 - Last updated at Apr 23,2020

Al Rai’s Ziad Rabbai said that nobody denies the importance of subscribing at the Social Security Corporation, even for housewives, because it provides protection for people after retirement and hardships, including under crises such as the coronavirus pandemic.

All are aware of the efforts exerted by the corporation to convince people, mainly those with free businesses and daily workers, of the importance of subscribing in the social security within reasonable ceilings, said the writer, adding that the government should not impose restrictions for doing businesses under these circumstances.

The social, age, living and educational status suggests difficulty for subscribing at the corporation for many professions and citizens who mainly make their living from daily jobs, said the columnist.

The corporation can be strict in obliging small enterprises to join the social security as part of the incentives series it endorsed, yet it cannot adopt the same measures with daily workers under these difficult conditions, especially that the goal in this phase is to ease measures to allow people secure their daily bread.

Under the curfew imposed by the COVID-19, all people are suffering to secure their incomes and the government does not have to be an obstacle in the face of some people who seek to secure their incomes with their own efforts without waiting for aid from others, added the writer. 


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