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Joschka Fischer
By Joschka Fischer - May 09,2022
BERLIN — Although spring is coming to Europe, the continent seems to be experiencing a flashback to some of the iciest moments of the Cold War.
By Joschka Fischer - Dec 26,2021
BERLIN — Ever since the United States began reconsidering its engagement in world politics, it has been withdrawing — strategically and mentally — from many regions and pivoting towards the Indo-Pacific, , its only real rival for twenty-first-century global leadership.
By Joschka Fischer - Oct 30,2021
 BERLIN — In light of ongoing global political changes, there is much discussion in the European Union about the need for “strategic autonomy”.
By Joschka Fischer - Oct 02,2021
BERLIN — Germany has voted, and its seemingly eternal chancellor, Angela Merkel, is finally stepping down after 16 years. In fact, that is the only certainty that the election has offered.
By Joschka Fischer - Aug 23,2021
BERLIN — The man-made climate crisis is generating headlines this summer.
By Joschka Fischer - Jul 25,2021
BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s farewell visit to the White House this month offers an ideal opportunity to reflect on the state of US-German relations. But it is not a sentimental opportunity.
By Joschka Fischer - Jun 22,2021
BERLIN — This month’s G-7 summit seemed to confirm what has long been apparent: The United States and China are entering into a cold war similar to the one between the US and the Soviet Union in the second half of the twentieth century.The West no longer views China just as a com
By Joschka Fischer - Jun 02,2021
BERLIN — In addition to a pandemic, this decade has already been overshadowed by the return of great power rivalries. Few developments could be more threatening to world peace.
By Joschka Fischer - Apr 24,2021
BERLIN — The Afghan drama is nearing its end, at least as far as Western militaries are concerned.
By Joschka Fischer - Mar 27,2021
BERLIN — Angela Merkel’s 16-year reign as German chancellor is coming to an end. Whatever one’s feelings about her, she has put her stamp on an entire era.



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