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Joschka Fischer
By Joschka Fischer - Mar 10,2024
BERLIN — Europe’s situation in 2024 is difficult, even dangerous. In Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression, an effort to wipe the country off the map and annex its territory, is entering its third year.
By Joschka Fischer - Oct 01,2023
BERLIN — We are living through eventful, one might even say “wild”, times, with history being made at a fast and furious pace. Why is this happening now? Because three great transformational crises have befallen humanity all at once.
By Joschka Fischer - May 21,2023
BERLIN — The post-1945 era of global stability is over and gone. From the bipolar world of the Cold War to the American-dominated unipolar world that replaced it, we have long benefitted from a sense of strategic order.
By Joschka Fischer - May 04,2023
 BERLIN — Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Europe has undergone a radical transformation.
By Joschka Fischer - Dec 01,2022
BERLIN  —  We are witnessing an unprecedented confluence of major and minor crises.
By Joschka Fischer - Nov 16,2022
BERLIN  —  It is a common human prejudice to believe that everything was better in the past. But this bias rarely stands up to scrutiny, and perceptions of past Franco-German relations are no exception.
By Joschka Fischer - Oct 12,2022
BERLIN  —  Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine is an attempt to turn back the clock to a time when Russia was a superpower that dominated Eastern Europe. Yet in what amounts to an effort to change the outcome of the Cold War, Putin has badly overestimated his capabilities.
By Joschka Fischer - Sep 01,2022
BERLIN — The world is reeling from an extraordinary confluence of crises, including Russia’s war of aggression in Europe, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sweeping trade and supply-chain disruptions, inflation, food insecurity, and all the morbid symptoms of climate change.
By Joschka Fischer - Aug 04,2022
BERLIN  —  I cannot recall a time during the past 75 years when there has been such a massive accumulation of major and minor shocks.
By Joschka Fischer - Jun 29,2022
BERLIN  —  Russia’s war in Ukraine will bifurcate Europe once again. East will be divided from West, and the frontier between them will likely be a dangerous, militarily secured zone for the foreseeable future.Of course, we do not know how or when the war will end.



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