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Different understanding of the gradual re-operating of economic sectors

Apr 21,2020 - Last updated at Apr 21,2020

Government continues its gradual approach to re-operating the economic sectors. The official approach is to start operating a sector or certain sectors based on the fulfillment of the determined requirements, procedures and formalities.

My humble understanding of the concept of gradualism in such cases does not mean re-operating a sector or certain sectors exclusively, but rather starting gradually re-operating all economic sectors that are fulfilling the conditions and requirements. At the end of the set schedule, operations in these sectors will be expanded to reach their full capacity.

It is possible that the gradual operation applies to the geographical dimension in the sense of starting the full operation of all sectors within the boundaries of one or more governorates or regions.

I do not advise the government to start operating certain sectors without others, but to make this matter available to all sectors provided that the appropriate protective requirements and conditions are met. This is due to the interconnection of sectors with each other, their dependence on each other, the linkages of production and service chains among themselves, and to achieve justice between the sectors and their workers, and to ensure the completion of economic links and cycles.

Accordingly, the gradual operation is represented in the utilised operating capacity (30 per cent, 50 per cent...) and the number of production lines, the number of employees authorised to work, working hours, mechanism of work, work shifts, duration, timing, etc. This requires modifying and adapting what is needed from the following: processes, internal arrangement of work flow, value chains during production processes and stages, supply chains, tools, procedures, timing, etc.

In short, re-engineering processes and procedures for phased goals and their implications for production capacity in order to ensure protection and prevention from serious coronavirus infection.

Government should invest its resources, efforts and time in supporting the economic sectors to modify their processes to meet health and safety requirements, following up on actual compliance with these requirements by economic sectors, and do not waste efforts and resources in executing some online formalities that may not reflect the reality of the situation, add value, govern the process, or assure the right implementation.

We all hope government efforts to be more seamless, productive and results-oriented. Solutions that do not constitute complete solutions are not solutions in any way, and results are the measure of success.

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