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Khleef Alkhawaldeh
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Aug 03,2022
The country is currently going through various deep challenges that require urgent, not deferred, solutions. The passage of time is not in our interest.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Jul 30,2022
The higher the percentages of taxes and fees added to the value of products and services, the more they kill the business, investment and thus the economy in general.Increased costs and then the prices of products and services lead to significant negative effects on the competiti
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - May 08,2022
There is no doubt that the challenges we are facing are huge, manifold and overlapping, but at the same time solutions are still possible and available.A large part of the challenge relates to how we manage government institutions and ensure the integration of institutions and th
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Mar 05,2022
I participated in the first session of the Administrative Reform Conference organised by the Jordanian Academics Association in cooperation with Yarmouk University, which was held last Thursday under the patronage of the former prime minister, Professor  Adnan Badran.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - May 03,2020
Historically, the content of ministerial statement submitted to the House of Representatives can be mostly described as detailed, theoretical, unclear, unspecified and unmeasurable in general.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Apr 26,2020
Coronavirus crisis made many things clear and unhidden, and it shed the light on the strengths and weaknesses (areas for improvement) in the performance of various institutions.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Apr 21,2020
Government continues its gradual approach to re-operating the economic sectors.
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Apr 16,2020
Nowadays, the most important question is how long will the economy remain restricted or inactive?
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Apr 12,2020
The greatest lesson learned by various countries of the world in dealing with the coronavirus crisis is the fact that the key success factor is not related to the resources and capabilities, but rather to leadership and management.Leading the crisis at the whole country level and
By Khleef Alkhawaldeh - Apr 04,2020
Coronavirus did not begin in different countries of the world simultaneously. It began in China and continued there before other countries for a long period that spanned months.



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