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The centenary of the founding of Jordan, let us all celebrate

Dec 19,2020 - Last updated at Dec 19,2020

All of us, as Jordanians, have the right to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the State of Jordan, where the Emirate of Transjordan was founded in 1921. Since then, the state, under its historic Hashemite leadership, from the late King Abdullah I Bin Al Hussein to His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, has been struggling to preserve its identity, protection of its citizens through upgrading of their socioeconomic standards, working on the stability of its surrounding territories with a firm position on the Palestinians sovereign rights, including the humanitarian religious mandate of the Hashemite custodianship of Jerusalem’s Islamic and Christian holy sites .

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its leadership have worked hard in building Jordan, protection of its sovereign political borders and engaged in a very constructive way in all issues of its nation with honor and dignity over the last 100 years of the life of the Kingdom. This, however, have imposed many political, military and economic burdens exuberated by the lack of resources, challenges and conspiracies. Despite all of these pressing elements both externally and internally, the Kingdom managed successfully to play a very major and constructive role in developing the capacity of Jordanians, raising their livelihood as well as supporting our Arab nation in terms of standing up with the core issues among others the Palestinian issue and the two-states solution.

Jordan with a very modest beginnings in institutions building, role of law, military and security forces, economic development, infrastructure, education, health, agriculture and water, to a very high standards of living as recognised by the world agencies in all aspects of life from political freedom to economic and social prosperity, all have been achieved despite financial and economic challenges some of which are still pressing up until today. Much of which is due to Jordan's responsibility for the humanitarian situation of the refugees, as a result of regional conflicts, who have been stranded and abandoned by the rest of the world. In addition, Jordan overwhelmed with the cost of fighting terrorism, which have exhausted the economic sectors and social structure of the Jordanian state.

The celebration is not only Jordanian, but a global celebration of a state that calls for peace among nations and receives millions of refugees and combat terrorism, despite the lack of means and resources. Our deep state with its great leadership, its sober policy and diplomacy that is based on mutual respect of the neighborhood, human rights, international law and acceptance of others, did not drag its citizens into wars of destruction, failure and poverty, and did not enter into bloody regional projects, but rather the country managed to help the entire Middle East region towards envisaged security and stability.

Superpower countries most of the time are troubled and alerted by a small problem in any part of the world. Immediately they step in with funds and means to resolve such a dispute, something we do not criticise rather commanding it. On the other hand, a country like Jordan sacrifices all its capabilities and institutions to preserve human values, cooperation, the rule of international law and international conventions. The world must understand and take into account the Jordanian role by continuing to support it to serve as an example for the other countries and nations in the region.

In this context, we must recall with thanks and gratitude those who worked in building the Jordanian state, from the kings and princes of the honourable Hashemite, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II to the great Jordanian people.

We remember in all senses of pride and honour the martyrs of Jordan who sacrificed their lives for the rise and strength of our dear homeland and the issues of the nation (we ask God for mercy and forgiveness).

Thanks, and gratitude to the brotherly and friendly countries that have supported Jordan over the years past, namely; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and the Arab Republic of Egypt. Also, thanks to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the European Union, Japan and South Korea, who stood by Jordan during the crises hit the region in the past years.

Let us all celebrate the centenary of the Jordanian state, because the world may need another 100 years to establish a country like Jordan in terms of what it has given to its citizens, human values and the world.

God bless Jordanians and their wise leadership, hopefully our children will celebrate again the bicentenary of the founding of the Kingdom in time where challenges have been eliminated.


Hazim El-Naser is a former minister of water and agriculture and a former member of the Jordanian House of Representatives

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