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A well-deserved award, and more is deserved!

May 21,2022 - Last updated at May 21,2022

We have been immensely pleased to see their majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania receive the “Path to Peace Award”, one which comes at a time when very few, in the region and the globe, are genuinely and consistently advocating peace and pushing for it.

Let there be no mistake about it: true peace advocates, presently and in the history of humanity, are very few.

This particular award is of great importance, taking into account the timing, the rationale behind it and where it is coming from.

It is an award honoring the current Jordanian leadership’s commitment to peace, as well as the commitment of all former Hashemite leaders.

It also honours the Jordanian people, as well, who stand firmly behind the King, just as they have stood firmly behind his Hashemite ancestors in their advocacy of peace.

It is, indeed, a well-earned, well-deserved award, for the following reasons, and many others.

The Jordanian state, whose vision and politics have been drawn up by all the Hashemite leaders since the commencement of the Great Arab Revolution, are based on respect of people’s rights to life, liberty, peace and pursuit of happiness.

Its constitution clearly spells out the recognition of the rights of all, and its institutions support all without any discrimination.

Since its establishment, the country has opened its doors wide open to all those fleeing from violence or searching for a safe haven.

Jordanians open their arms to all newcomers, regardless of their race or origin and share the little resources thy have with them.

Jordan is a civil, civilised state upholding human rights and practicing no violence against anyone; and this is a rarity, past and present.

It is committed to dialogue in addressing differences and commits no transgression. It adamantly refrains from interfering in the affairs of others, and if it does intervene it is to offer constructive ideas and mediation efforts to bridge differences.

It is an icon of moderation, tolerance and coexistence, both in its discourse and practice on the ground.

It respects all agreements it signs with others, and the covenants it pledges, and never reneges on any promises or commitments it makes.

Its army has never been deployed but to repulse aggression by others and to defend national and pan-Arab sovereignty.

Our soldiers never cross the country’s borders except as peacemakers and their active participation in the UN peacekeeping missions is a living example.

All of this is not ink on paper, or words in the air, but action on the ground.

For this alone, the Jordanian leadership and Jordanians deserve the award.

The name of the award itself is revealing: “The Path to Peace.”

The first leader to work for peace in the region, building on the philosophy and legacy of his father Sharif Hussein, was King Abdullah I, who paid his life seeking to establish peace through negotiations and dialogue, when others were committing to occupation, annexation and violence.

King Hussein followed in his footsteps, in the “path to peace”, devoting so much time and effort to it, from the commencement of his reign till, literally, the day he passed away.

King Abdullah II is following in the same path, always prioritising dialogue, non-violence, and peace for all.

The Jordanian leaders, with whom the “path to peace” in our region has started, have been working for the cause of peace for over a century now, with the blessing and backing of the Jordanian people. And for this reason, it deserves more recognition of its efforts, as well as more backing and support.

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