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Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Mar 18,2023
It is high time to revisit the separation, in our school system, between the so-called “literary” and “scientific” streams, as well as others.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Mar 04,2023
The distinguishing pattern of most of our institutions, especially in the public sector, is regression, then decline, then incompetency. And this is sad.Some institutions, however, proceed in the opposite direction, i.e.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Feb 18,2023
A person following up closely on learning, at its various levels, cannot but notice a constant expansion in its horizons: philosophically, methodologically and dimensionally.Such expansion opens up great opportunities for learners, naturally.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Feb 04,2023
It seems certain that the intellectual has been absent from the arena for some time now, especially in the Arab and national arenas.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jan 21,2023
The noted scientist Carl Sagan distinguishes, in his highly informative book "The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark", between science and pseudoscience.Science is based on accurate observation, thorough experimentation, reliable evidence and the much work and e
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jan 07,2023
It should be stressed anew that, in our pursuit of development and progress, we should take social reform into account, dedicating to it the attention and focus it needs.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Dec 17,2022
The current round of 2022 FIFA World Cup, held in Qatar, is one of the most enjoyable rounds, if not the most enjoyable, we have experienced in decades.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Dec 03,2022
These developments are primarily at the political and social levels, which are more serious.Informed observers have noted, for decades, the positive advancements in Western societies generally, in the aftermath of the destructive World War I and World War II wars, especially in t
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Nov 19,2022
Amid daily life’s preoccupations and concerns, we often forget the obvious, remembering or recalling it only when the occasion arises or when circumstances dictate.We invoke this premise by way of stressing the importance of our touristic attractions.That we are blessed with a gr
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Nov 05,2022
Last week, a number of friends, my family, and I had the pleasure of visiting the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve, and sometime before that the Azraq Wetland Reserve.Two observations I wish to highlight on the basis of the two visits.



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