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A Source of immense pride

Jun 24,2023 - Last updated at Jun 24,2023

I previously spoke about national institutions that have distinguished themselves remarkably despite the challenges and difficult circumstances. I emphasised the importance of highlighting such distinction so that it can be replicated, spreading excellence and making it the prevailing characteristic in our society.

Our hope is that these outstanding institutions receive sufficient support to maintain their distinctiveness. Among them, I mentioned the Civil Status Department and the Motor Vehicle Department, and their excellence in terms of ease of procedures and speed of accomplishment.

Today, we shed light on the excellence of the Jordan University Hospital. This institution has a rich history, starting as "Greater Amman Hospital", a testament to its “great” role and performance. It later became the Jordan University Hospital, run by the “mother” university whose performance surpasses all others.

The hospital’s greatness lies in the range of services provided to citizens from various segments and geographical areas, as well as the comprehensive medical specialties and fields it covers.

What distinguishes it most in our estimation, however, and where its success and greatness lie, is in the medical talents that form its backbone.

They are, first and foremost, a constellation of highly skilled and exceptional doctors who have obtained their advanced degrees and precise specializations from prestigious educational institutions and top hospitals worldwide, including the best in America, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Additionally, most of them graduated, early on, from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan, which requires the highest grades for admission and endows its students with the best medical education, known for its quality and rigor.

Another noteworthy aspect is that most of the doctors in the hospital are not just talented physicians; they are "professors" of medicine: Teachers and trainers of doctors.

And this sets them apart from others. They are esteemed academics and seasoned researchers who teach the science of medicine at the School of Medicine, the premier school in the country, while practicing the profession with high professional standards.

This is their dual distinction.

We must be grateful to our specialists, who are our sons and daughters, for bringing to us the finest knowledge, expertise, and skills from around the world. They have provided us with what is available in the most renowned international hospitals, thus sparing us the need, anxiety, and expense of travel for treatment abroad.

And this is no small matter.

A crucial question: What does a patient want most from a doctor? A top priority, we believe, is trust that the doctor accurately diagnoses the ailment and provides a crystal-clear opinion.

Everything else, thereafter, is simply minor details that may be important, such as service, facility quality, and the elegance of the place, but they are not the most important.

When I was on leave for a few years in an Arab country, which I considered my second home, I had five-star health insurance provided to me by the distinguished university where I worked. However, whenever I needed treatment for a serious matter, I would come to the Jordan University Hospital because of my utmost faith in its medical staff and the assurance that I would receive a scientific opinion and a medical diagnosis of a five-star calibre.

That is what mattered to me most then, and still does.

 Does this mean that facilities, services, and equipment are not important? Not at all. And this is precisely one of the reasons why I am writing about the hospital.

 The hospital is in urgent need of sufficient support to enhance its services, facilities, and most importantly, its medical equipment and technologies, most of which are expensive, costing millions of dinars.

Hence the importance of prompt and sufficient support for the hospital, from both the government and the community. It receives very little compared to what it needs, and it is in a tight financial situation, just as the university itself is.

Our hope is pinned on the donors, especially since their donations will be in the right place and considered ongoing charity. The university and hospital administration are open to anyone who decides to chip in.

Truly, the Jordan University Hospital is a great national achievement!! It is a source of immense pride.

Is there out there anyone who will take the initiative to provide support, opening the way for others to follow suit?

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