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Dairy prices to remain stable despite FMD outbreak — chamber of industry

By Maria Weldali - Feb 19,2023 - Last updated at Feb 19,2023


AMMAN — Price increases on dairy products will hold off as long as milk supplies are sufficient, according to a statement from the head of Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI), Nael Al Husami. 

“Amid the current situation, which is showing positive signs of recovery from the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), milk production rates are expected to steadily return to normal levels,” Husami told The Jordan Times in a statement. 

Chairman of the Dairy Cattle Cooperative, Laith Al Hajj, told The Jordan Times that milk production losses reached 350 tonnes, as FMD-infected dairy cattle had a drastic decrease in their milk yield. 

However, “milk and dairy products are available in adequate quantities and there is no need to worry about any price hikes”, he said.

Amid the FMD situation in Jordan, the Ministry of Agriculture has adopted support measures by designating a follow-up committee on the issue. 

In its latest FMD report, the ministry showed that the number of FMD infections in the Kingdom has decreased, whereas newly reported FMD cases currently represent only 0.4 per cent of the ministry’s total reported cases.

From February 6 through 11, there were 501 new cases, the ministry announced. Between February 14 and 16, only 42 FMD cases were reported.

Agriculture Minister Khalid Hneifat on Saturday, met with the head of the ACI, Vice President of the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Muhammad Al Jitan, and other stakeholders, to discuss milk volume and the needs of the domestic market amid ongoing FMD infections.

 During the meeting, it was confirmed that current FMD measures proved successful in containing the disease, and that lower levels of milk production are customary during the winter, lessening the challenge due to decreasing seasonal demand. 

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