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Davos and workers’ concerns

Jan 28,2019 - Last updated at Jan 28,2019

The Jordan Times editorial on Monday, January 28, argued that the main thing missing from the World Economic Forum (WEF) events in Davos are representatives of workers.

I completely agree with the view that the views of workers must be included in strategic discussions about the future of the world.

I disagree, however, that the WEF can serve as the appropriate forum. The WEF is explicitly designed as a forum funded by the world's largest businesses for the purpose of enabling them to engage with governments and other influential thought-leaders around the world. Although representatives of workers can, and should, be invited to participate in Davos and other WEF-sponsored events, the agenda of the event is set by the business elite and is not intended to reflect the concerns of workers.

It would be wonderful to have strategic discussions that, as the editorial says, are a "candid and informal exchange of views on major economic, political and fiscal bottlenecks" and which include representatives of workers, and I hope to see such an event. Unfortunately, Davos cannot be that forum.


Susan Razzaz


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