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Yusuf Mansur
By Yusuf Mansur - Feb 28,2021
The minimum wage in Jordan was recently increased from JD220 to JD260. As would be expected, the decision was faced with some resentment from business owners, especially small businesses.
By Yusuf Mansur - Feb 22,2021
The decade-old twin economic policy of borrowing to meet current fiscal obligations, and the sacrifice of capital spending in the process does not work. Why? They do not, have not and will not lead to economic growth. Hence, the future may hold more of the same, literally.
By Yusuf Mansur - May 04,2015
As if wishing to reverse Jordan’s privatisation policy, not a day goes by without news of the government offering to buy the stocks of one company or another. However, the news, which used to highlight the role of the Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF) in a deal, now d
By Yusuf Mansur - Apr 27,2015
Parents and private school teachers are placing undue pressure on the government to further regulate private schools. Parents believe that by regulating the schools they could end up paying less in tuition fees and the teachers believe they would receive more in compensation. T
By Yusuf Mansur - Apr 20,2015
Jordan’s image as a hub for foreign direct investment is being challenged due to recent squabbles with foreign investors in a very unsubtle manner. It stands to reason that any dealings, especially with large investors, should be on the level, completely transparent and de
By Yusuf Mansur - Apr 13,2015
The government in Jordan, in spite of a onetime aggressive privatisation programme, controls a large number of companies indirectly through the Social Security Investment Fund (SSIF). Jordanian companies that have had their management appointed by the government have not traditi
By Yusuf Mansur - Apr 06,2015
The Zaatari camp, established in July 2012, hosts over 83,500 Syrians within a fenced area of 3.3 square kilometres. It has two shopping centres that are primarily used for shopping for food, camp administration, security forces, a narrow strip called (mockingly most times)
By Yusuf Mansur - Mar 30,2015
The majority of Jordanians, including the vast majority of officials, has underscored the cost to Jordan from hosting the Syrian refugees.
By Yusuf Mansur - Mar 23,2015
The Greater Amman Municipality has installed traffic cameras to control “the cleanliness, environment, and dual align breaches, through cars equipped with electronic cameras touring in the capital streets to capture breaches”. The first step will see 16 cameras opera
By Yusuf Mansur - Mar 16,2015
Ever wondered what was the best decade for Jordan? Wonder no more.



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