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Yazan Ahmad Al-Ajlouni
By Yazan Ahmad Al-Ajlouni - May 19,2020
Landing in Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport on a sunny Tuesday morning, I rushed out excited to take a cab to my parents’ home. I had just traveled from London, planning a short trip back to visit my mother.
By Yazan Ahmad Al-Ajlouni - Apr 20,2020
As a public health researcher, I join everyone in worrying about the Coronavirus. With what we know so far, it is safe to claim that this could be the most alarming health crisis of our generation to date.
By Yazan Ahmad Al-Ajlouni - Apr 02,2020
Is the coronavirus changing life as we know it for the future, or is it a temporary inconvenience we need to merely push through for the time being?Over the past few months, the United Kingdom’s initial strategy of attempting to naturally build herd immunity among the population
By Yazan Ahmad Al-Ajlouni - Mar 24,2020
Jordanians, alongside the entire world today, are witnessing what might be the biggest public health crisis of our generation. It is said that epidemics are like wars; they change the way we live without any previous warning.


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