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Walid M. Sadi
By Walid M. Sadi - Sep 15,2019
Some Arab capitals, albeit a minority, are suggesting the “return” of Syria to the Arab fold.The majority of the Arab countries, however, still resist this proposal because they say that the reasons why Damascus’ membership in the Arab League was suspended in the f
By Walid M. Sadi - Sep 07,2019
The "Brexist" narrative is getting more complicated and prejudicial by the day.
By Walid M. Sadi - Aug 31,2019
The G-7 summit in France raised the spectre of many questions and issues.For starters, the exclusion of Russia was one of the most apparent issues facing the G-7 on the pretext that it occupied and annexed the Crimea at a time when it was among the founding members of the group.
By Walid M. Sadi - Aug 24,2019
French President Emmanuel Macron is spearheading sounding the alarm about the raging rainforest fires in Brazil, and is calling for an international intervention.The French president is calling on the ongoing G-7 summit in France to "do something" to combat the imminent
By Walid M. Sadi - Aug 17,2019
People around the world are asking the poignant question whether the American society is prone to violence by nature for one inherent reason or another.On August 3, 22 people were gunned down at random in El Paso, Texas.
By Walid M. Sadi - Aug 03,2019
There is a unanimity in the Arab world, especially among the Palestinians, to reject the so-called “deal of the century” that Senior Adviser to US President Jared Kushner has been trying to market as the ultimate solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
By Walid M. Sadi - Jul 27,2019
The landing of spaceship Apollo 11 on the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969 was surreal for many people around the globe.
By Walid M. Sadi - Jul 21,2019
The latest release of leaked diplomatic cables in the British press about the explanation of the former British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch, for President Donald Trump's decision to pull out from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, suggests that Trump went ahead
By Walid M. Sadi - Jul 13,2019
Even though Minister of Interior Salameh Hammad had denied recently that he had ever said that there are about 10 million guns of various sizes in the hands of Jordanians, he did confirm that there are much too many such guns in the possession of Jordanians.Whether the actual num
By Walid M. Sadi - Jul 06,2019
The case of the captain of the Sea-Watch 3 boat Carola Rackete carrying migrants or refugees or asylum seekers, and its brush with Italian law trying to regulate the entry of foreign people to Italy is a case in point about where and how to strike a balance between the rights of



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