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Tony Blair
By Tony Blair - Sep 16,2020
LONDON — Over the next 30 years, Sub-Saharan Africa’s population will double to over two billion, and its economies will industrialise. Africa’s development will therefore be critical to the world’s future stability, prosperity and health.
By Tony Blair - May 12,2019
LONDON — Some crises take us by surprise. They seem to come out of nowhere, suddenly creating upheaval and a desperate scramble to respond. Other crises are manifest, but there is no single point of eruption.
By Tony Blair - Nov 26,2018
LONDON — African countries are increasingly coming together. A landmark free trade agreement was concluded earlier this year. East Africa has made great progress on free movement of people.
By Tony Blair - May 28,2014
The abduction of more than 240 Nigerian girls has shocked the world.
By Tony Blair - Jan 19,2014
In November, I spoke at the United Nations Security Council for the first time in 13 years. It struck me how different the mood is now. In September 2000, the world seemed very different.


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