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Sundeep Waslekar
By Sundeep Waslekar - Nov 14,2017
Until a few months ago, Daesh seemed invincible. Suddenly, from May to October, it lost most of its territory in Iraq and Syria.
By Sundeep Waslekar - Jan 18,2017
The changing of the guard on the 38th floor of the United Nations building in New York, with António Guterres taking over for Ban Ki-moon as UN secretary-general, has taken place at a time when notions about peace and conflict are undergoing a subtle change.In particular, the rol
By Sundeep Waslekar - Dec 02,2015
In December 2009, I met Walid Mouallem, foreign minister of Syria, in his office in Damascus, along with an eminent British politician. He rolled out before us his vision of a peace process with Israel in phases.He had two essential conditions.