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Spir George Kara’a
By Spir George Kara’a - Apr 25,2015
A recent report issued by Education for All (EFA), identified school-related gender-based violence as one of the main challenges impacting millions of children worldwide, especially girls. The paper explored the extent, causes and repercussions of violence and highlights the nee
By Spir George Kara’a - Mar 18,2015
During Tawjihi, the General Secondary Certificate Examination, over 100,000 students live a year of stress, and as many families live a nightmare waiting for the expected results. I do not see an easy solution in replacing Tawjihi, but we should continue adapting it. There is n
By Spir George Kara’a - Feb 02,2015
What do we want our students to know or be able to do when they end 12 years of high school education? Theoretically, we want them to be critical thinkers, creative, able to face and tackle crises and life challenges. To become so, we need well-educated teachers who are able to


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