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Robert Harvey
By Robert Harvey - May 22,2017
Hassan Rouhani has won reelection as Iran’s president in a landslide, meaning that it is he who will be dealing with an antagonistic US President Donald Trump.What will their relationship mean for the 2015 international agreement that has, for now, frozen Iran’s nuclear ambitions
By Robert Harvey - Mar 12,2017
Is US President Donald Trump right to be sympathetic towards Russia?At first blush, it certainly does not seem so. In Russia, elections are rigged and organised opposition is suppressed. And under President Vladimir Putin, the country has reverted to Cold War tactics ag
By Robert Harvey - Sep 04,2016
“Brexit means Brexit,” Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, has declared. So it must: the wishes of the electorate, expressed by however narrow a margin, must be respected, even though referendums have no place in Britain’s unwritten constitution, which is based, sensi


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