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By Project Syndicate - Jul 08,2020
By Michael Ferrari, Parag Khanna and Spencer WellsNEW YORK/SINGAPORE/LOMBOK, Indonesia — The COVID-19 crisis has caused scientists, governments and public-health experts to scramble to understand the relationship between the transmission of zoonotic diseases (those that jump
By Project Syndicate - Jul 06,2020
By Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca BERKELEY — In just a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has done massive damage to the United States economy, and the workers who make it run.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 06,2020
By John B. Taylor and Jack MallerySTANFORD — COVID-19 has revealed both the strengths and weaknesses of America’s broadband Internet infrastructure.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 05,2020
By Michael Kremer, Gilbert F. Houngbo CAMBRIDGE/ROME — The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping societies around the world, in part by accelerating the digital revolution that was already under way at the beginning of the year.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 05,2020
By Hauke Engel and Mekala Krishnan FRANKFURT — COVID-19 has shown how a long-recognised but underappreciated global risk can suddenly materialise and wreak social and economic devastation in a matter of weeks.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 04,2020
By Iqbal Dhaliwal and Samantha FriedlanderCAMBRIDGE —  As with so much else, international development has been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 04,2020
By José Antonio Ocampo and Tommaso Faccio NEW YORK — The COVID-19 pandemic will leave the world economy bruised and bloody.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 04,2020
By Willem H. Buiter, Ian Ball and Dag Detter NEW YORK — One effect of the COVID-19 lockdowns this year is that many young adults have returned home temporarily to stay with their parents, subletting their apartments to others in need.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 02,2020
By Michael Spence, Chen LongMILAN/HANGZHOU – The COVID-19 pandemic has arrived in waves, starting in Asia, where it quickly spread from mainland China to South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 28,2020
By Andrew Sheng and Xiao GengHONG KONG — Former US national security adviser John Bolton’s new book “The Room Where It Happened” bills itself as “the most comprehensive and substantial account” of President Donald Trump’s administration.



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