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Nouriel Roubini
By Nouriel Roubini - Jul 29,2020
NEW YORK — In February, I warned that any number of foreseeable crises – “white swans” – could trigger a massive global disturbance this year.
By Nouriel Roubini - Jan 15,2020
LONDON — Following the United States’ assassination of Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani and Iran’s initial retaliation against two Iraqi bases housing US troops, financial markets moved into risk-off mode: Oil prices spiked by 10 per cent, US and globa
By Nouriel Roubini - Sep 24,2019
NEW YORK — In the classic game of “chicken”, two drivers race directly towards each other, and the first to swerve is the “loser”. If neither swerves, both will probably die. In the past, such scenarios have been studied to assess the risks posed by great-power rivalries.
By Nouriel Roubini - Aug 24,2019
NEW YORK — There are three negative supply shocks that could trigger a global recession by 2020. All of them reflect political factors affecting international relations, two involve China, and the United States is at the centre of each.
By Nouriel Roubini - Jul 22,2019
NEW YORK — There is a good reason why every civilised country in the world tightly regulates its financial system. The 2008 global financial crisis, after all, was largely the result of rolling back financial regulation.
By Nouriel Roubini - Jun 17,2019
NEW YORK — Last summer, my colleague Brunello Rosa and I identified 10 potential downside risks that could trigger a US and global recession in 2020. Nine of them are still in play today.Many involve the United States.
By Nouriel Roubini - Feb 09,2019
NEW YORK — After the synchronised global economic expansion of 2017 came the asynchronous growth of 2018, when most countries other than the United States started to experience slowdowns.


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