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Marwan M. Obeidat
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Nov 22,2018
One of the worst socio-psychological phenomena affecting our society these days is the rumour culture, a series of explanations of events circulating from one person to another, often pertaining to a central idea, incident or subject of public concern.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Nov 08,2018
In the eyes of many around the globe, myself included, a two-state solution leading to an independent, sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital and based on international law and relevant UN resolutions, is the only feasible solution tha
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Oct 25,2018
Western understanding of Arabic has, in part, suffered from the same stereotyping as its speakers have, and some Western Arabists look at it merely as a strange and unusual language emblematic of the Arab mentality, psychology, society, history, religion and ethos.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Oct 11,2018
I have recently read Kelly J.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Sep 27,2018
From the 1850s through the 1950s, nothing was more vital for the interpretation of the Arab-Muslim Middle East than the traveller was in the United States.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Sep 13,2018
A key element of American culture is the Arab American component, a somewhat newfangled term suggesting a diverse group of people who vary with regard to their native origins, religion and experiences of immigration to America.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Aug 30,2018
The Knesset’s endorsement of the so-called “nation-state law” lately, a law which establishes the concept of a “Jewish state” and consolidates, among other things, the notion of apartheid (a system of institutionalised racial segregation) in the occupied Palestinian territories,
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Aug 09,2018
In an age dominated by hi-tech and supreme digital advances, social media outlets (websites and other applications that enable users to create and share content in social networking activities) are very much accepted today as part of people’s modern life to the extent that roles
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Jul 26,2018
Bernard Lewis (1916-2018), who wrote and edited more than two dozen books and hundreds of articles, was regarded as a leading expert on interactions between Christendom and Islam, recently died aged 101.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Jul 12,2018
My concern in this opinion article is the way(s) in which universities can collaborate and build bridges instead of walls to internationalise their campuses, ways that may include, but by no means are they limited to, the following, as examples: Student exchanges and recruitment



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