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Lynn Malkawi
By Lynn Malkawi - Dec 06,2018
In an economy with close to 19 per cent unemployment, strategies must shift from solely creating jobs at current companies to allowing individuals to create companies, which in turn hire other individuals, boost the economy, reach untapped targets and increase competition, thus i
By Lynn Malkawi - Oct 16,2018
We are living in a world where multiple generations are intertwined in the workforce. These workers can abide by a company culture, code of ethics and a united mission and vision, however undeniable differences exist due to generational gaps.
By Lynn Malkawi - Jul 05,2018
I was listening to the radio the other day and listeners came on the radio station and stated that app-based transportation should be abolished or that yellow cabs need to be equipped with apps in order to be relevant and properly compete in today’s market.
By Lynn Malkawi - May 30,2018
According to Investopedia, tax evasion is the illegal and deliberate non-payment, as well as the illegal underpayment of taxes.This article will focus on the reasons of tax evasion, ways people avoid taxes as well as some possible solutions to circumvent the issue, which needs to
By Lynn Malkawi - Sep 28,2017
The average monthly salary in Jordan stands at JD451.63. There are only five Arab countries where average salary per month is lower than in Jordan.Only 18.8 per cent of Jordanians make more than JD10,000 annually.
By Lynn Malkawi - Aug 29,2017
A high percentage of public and private high school students graduate with solid knowledge in mathematics and sciences, but many often lack basic life skills needed after graduation.Those include: knowledge of laws and regulations, time management (respecting deadlines), han
By Lynn Malkawi - Jul 23,2017
The Lower House of Parliament was created to establish and cement democracy.There are 130 elected members in the House, with 9 seats reserved for Christians, 3 for Circassians and Chechens, and 15 for women.In Jordan, the main political groupings are the communist and socialist p
By Lynn Malkawi - Jun 18,2017
By June 16, 2017, the government’s debt rate stood at 93.4 per cent, and was predicted to decrease to 89 per cent by 2020, a relative 1.3 percentage decrease per year.Government spending is expected to increase from the current JD606 to JD665 million in 2020.Is this doable?
By Lynn Malkawi - May 01,2017
A study by the UNDP shows that women participation in the workforce in Jordan is 23 per cent.
By Lynn Malkawi - Jan 28,2017
According to the Department of Statistics, the unemployment rate in Jordan was close to 15.8 per cent by the third quarter of 2016, 13.8 per cent among men and 25.2 per cent among women, in the same quarter.This reflects a 2 per cent increase since the third quarter of 2015.With


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