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Kent Harrington
By Kent Harrington - Apr 18,2020
ATLANTA – Intelligence agencies are used to making headlines when they fail to do their job.
By Kent Harrington - Nov 19,2019
ATLANTA — US law-enforcement officials are no strangers to politically motivated investigations. From Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer’s infamous “Red Raids” in 1919-20 to FBI Director J.
By Kent Harrington - Sep 25,2019
ATLANTA — The White House is trying to prevent the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence from viewing a whistleblower complaint detailing President Donald Trump’s repeated attempts to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating the son of former
By Kent Harrington - Aug 05,2019
ATLANTA — To understand what is happening in authoritarian regimes, be they in Moscow, Havana, Beijing or Pyongyang, analysts always pay close attention to the rise and fall of intelligence chiefs.
By Kent Harrington - May 30,2019
ATLANTA — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prioritised pomp over policy while hosting US President Donald Trump this week. The one exception was the issue of North Korea, which recently conducted more short-range missile tests off its east coast.
By Kent Harrington - Mar 31,2019
ATLANTA — For more than two years, US President Donald Trump has heaped praise on the world’s authoritarians, disrespected America’s democratic allies and pursued an ego-driven effort to solve the Gordian knot of North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme.
By Kent Harrington - Aug 25,2018
ATLANTA — Despite his seemingly limitless capacity for vindictiveness, it would be a mistake to interpret US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan as only his latest vendetta for lèse-majesté.
By Kent Harrington - Nov 12,2017
As the United States marks the first anniversary of President Donald Trump’s election, the question of how Trump won still commands attention, with Russia’s role moving increasingly to centre stage.Each new revelation in the investigation of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 campaign
By Kent Harrington - May 19,2017
Telling someone a secret is an act of faith.
By Kent Harrington - Jan 08,2017
With every new US president arriving in Washington, DC, come a handful of counsellors and aides whose personal ties, built over years and forged in election campaigns, give them pride of place in the administration.From the “Irish Brotherhood” that brought John F.


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