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Kemal Dervis
By Kemal Dervis - Dec 07,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, two of this year’s recipients of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, are the latest among leading economists to remind us that gross domestic product is an imperfect measure of human welfare.
By Kemal Dervis - Jul 29,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — With the main European Union institutions preparing for a change of leadership this autumn, now is a good time to reflect on the EU’s priorities for the coming years.The EU’s new top team is all but confirmed.
By Kemal Dervis - Jun 03,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Technological waves have always driven social and political change and progress, along with economic growth. Gutenberg’s printing press democratised communications, which had long been monopolised by church scribes.
By Kemal Dervis - May 16,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — On May 23-26, voters across the European Union will go to the polls to elect members of the European Parliament. Much will be at stake.
By Kemal Dervis - Sep 11,2018
WASHINGTON, DC — Amid ongoing attacks by US President Donald Trump, the battle for the future of multilateralism has commenced.
By Kemal Dervis - Jun 24,2018
WASHINGTON, DC — A year ago, Emmanuel Macron’s decisive victory in the French presidential election, and his party’s subsequent success in legislative elections, caused many to breathe a sigh of relief.
By Kemal Dervis - May 14,2018
WASHINGTON, DC — French President Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to the United States last month was a study in contrasts. Despite the friendly dynamic, Macron’s agenda and rhetoric were almost diametrically opposed to US President Donald Trump’s.
By Kemal Dervis - Mar 12,2018
WASHINGTON DC — In 2016, Northwestern University’s Robert Gordon published his 700-plus-page magnum opus, The Rise and Fall of American Growth.
By Kemal Dervis - Nov 16,2017
According to Harvard economist Dani Rodrik, it is impossible to have full national sovereignty, democracy and globalisation simultaneously.The concept of a “political trilemma of the world economy”, which Javier Solana also recently explored, is useful, but incomplete.Rodrik’s ar
By Kemal Dervis - Nov 02,2017
For citizens of poor countries, migration often is a highly appealing option. The journey to a new country is often perilous, but it promises far greater economic opportunity: average per capita incomes in advanced economies can be more than 50 times higher (in terms of purc



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