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Kaushik Basu
By Kaushik Basu - Sep 29,2019
ITHACA — There is a growing belief that the United States is heading for a recession, possibly before the 2020 presidential election. Current economic data and statistical trends indicate that many parts of the US economy are apparently under strain.
By Kaushik Basu - Jul 30,2019
NEW DELHI — I was having lunch in an Ithaca restaurant with my mother-in-law, who was visiting from India, when the Chinese waitress serving us asked her where she came from. “Kolhapur”, my mother-in-law replied, referring to the small town in Maharashtra where she was born.
By Kaushik Basu - Jun 27,2019
MUMBAI — Facebook’s new global digital currency, Libra, which the company plans to launch as early as 2020, could transform the world. But no one – including the founders of this ambitious economic engineering project – can fully anticipate the currency’s possible ramifications.
By Kaushik Basu - Mar 28,2019
NEW DELHI — When wealthy people espouse left-wing causes, such as redistribution of wealth, those on the right often label them hypocrites.
By Kaushik Basu - Jan 09,2019
KOLKATA — At the end of this year of political trauma and conflict, I found myself feeling an unexpected sense of hope, sitting in Mumbai, where I could see the Arabian Sea stretching westward toward the Gulf of Aden and Africa, as well as the vast Indian subcontinent extending e
By Kaushik Basu - Oct 27,2018
NEW YORK — At the British Labour Party’s annual conference in Liverpool this month, the shadow chancellor of the exchequer, John McDonnell, proposed a profit-sharing scheme that would grant workers equity in the firms where they are employed.
By Kaushik Basu - Jul 30,2018
MUMBAI — One major impetus behind US President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies is his belief that China has artificially weakened its currency in order to dump goods in the United States. Trump harped on this issue often during his presidential campaign.
By Kaushik Basu - Jul 12,2018
NEW YORK — “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times,” said President Xi Jinping, quoting Charles Dickens’ famous line to open his speech at the 2017 World Economic Forum.
By Kaushik Basu - May 06,2018
NEW YORK — Bangladesh has become one of Asia’s most remarkable and unexpected success stories in recent years. Once one of the poorest regions of Pakistan, Bangladesh remained an economic basket case, wracked by poverty and famine, for many years after independence in 1971.
By Kaushik Basu - Apr 01,2018
NEW YORK — Around the world, the effects of alarmingly high economic inequality are spilling over into politics and society.



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