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John H. Cochrane
By John H. Cochrane - Apr 18,2022
STANFORD — Inflation’s return marks a tipping point. Demand has hit the brick wall of supply. Our economies are now producing all that they can. Moreover, this inflation is clearly rooted in excessively expansive fiscal policies.
By John H. Cochrane - Jan 22,2022
STANFORD  —  The nomination of new members to the US Federal Reserve Board offers an opportunity for Americans, and Congress, to reflect on the world’s most important central bank and where it is going.The obvious question to ask first is how the Fed blew its main manda
By John H. Cochrane - Dec 26,2021
STANFORD — Inflation continues to surge. From its inflection point in February 2021 to last month, the US consumer price index has grown 6 per cent — an 8 per cent annualised rate.The underlying cause is no mystery.
By John H. Cochrane - Jul 26,2021
STANFORD — In the United States, the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Department of the Treasury are gearing up to incorporate climate policy into US financial regulation, following even more audacious steps in Europe.


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