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Jim O'Neill
By Jim O'Neill - Apr 10,2022
LONDON  —  In 2005, Ben Bernanke, then a governor of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) Board, introduced the idea of a global savings glut to explain why the United States ran persistent current-account deficits.
By Jim O'Neill - Jan 15,2022
LONDON  —  Last month, I identified what I saw as the big issues of 2022, noting that I could not recall a time when there were so many sources of uncertainty, both known and unknown.
By Jim O'Neill - Dec 11,2021
LONDON — With the calendar year drawing to a close, the parlor game of pretending to know what will happen in the next 12 months has begun. Yet when it comes to 2022 (and beyond), I am not sure whether it is worth even pretending.
By Jim O'Neill - Nov 14,2021
LONDON — As all eyes were on the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow this month, there has been ample media coverage of youth protests, high-level diplomacy and new agreements to reduce methane and protect the world’s forests.
By Jim O'Neill - Sep 20,2021
LONDON — Having created the BRIC acronym to capture the collective potential of Brazil, Russia, India, and China to influence the world economy, I now must ask a rather awkward question: When is that influence going to show up?
By Jim O'Neill - Aug 26,2021
LONDON — This month marks the 50th anniversary of the end the Bretton Woods system, when US President Richard Nixon suspended the US dollar’s convertibility into gold and allowed it to float.
By Jim O'Neill - Jun 28,2021
LONDON — As we move through 2021, there are more signs of a return to pre-pandemic normalcy, at least in countries not reeling from dangerous new variants of the coronavirus.
By Jim O'Neill - Apr 04,2021
LONDON — I was recently approached about setting up my own “special purpose acquisition company” (SPAC), which would allow me to secure financial commitments from investors on the expectation that I will eventually acquire some promising business that would prefer to avoid an ini
By Jim O'Neill - Feb 14,2021
LONDON  —  It is probably premature to offer an assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic’s possible consequences, not least because there may well be many more twists and turns to come.
By Jim O'Neill - Jan 19,2021
LONDON — This November will mark the 20th anniversary of the BRIC acronym that I coined to capture the economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China.



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