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Jim O’Neill
By Jim O’Neill - Oct 05,2019
LONDON — As the chair of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), I recently hosted an offsite event with some of the organisation’s strongest supporters, research staff and other leaders.
By Jim O’Neill - Aug 15,2019
LONDON — Nowadays, when people ask me how I am, I answer, jokingly, that I’m doing great, so long as I ignore Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States, Brexit, the crisis of the United Kingdom’s major political parties and the performance of Manchester United.But recently,
By Jim O’Neill - Jun 19,2019
LONDON — Like many others, I was shocked by recent images showing the size of the queue that formed in May to scale Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, from the Nepalese side.
By Jim O’Neill - Mar 24,2019
LONDON — Though economics aspires to the rigour of the natural sciences, at the end of the day it is still a social science.
By Jim O’Neill - Feb 10,2019
TOKYO — When I participated in the Chatham House/Daiwa Research Institute conference on the post-Brexit Japan-UK relationship in Tokyo last month, it was my first visit back with Japan since my departure from Goldman Sachs almost six years ago.
By Jim O’Neill - May 23,2018
LONDON — The United Kingdom ranks around 22nd among countries in terms of population. Its economy is somewhere between the fifth- and seventh-largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP (in US dollars), which is comparable to the economies of India and France.
By Jim O’Neill - May 10,2018
LONDON — To mark the second anniversary of the British government’s review on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), which I had the honour of chairing, two members of the review team, Anthony McDonnell and Will Hall, and I have published a new book: “Superbugs: An Arms Race Against Bac
By Jim O’Neill - Apr 23,2018
LONDON — On a recent holiday in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, I could not resist thinking about these countries’ economic potential and ongoing policy challenges.
By Jim O’Neill - Nov 25,2017
Writing about oil prices is always risky. In January 2015, I suggested that oil prices would not continue to fall, and even predicted that they would “finish the year higher than they were when it began”.
By Jim O’Neill - Oct 22,2017
I recently took a trip to Switzerland — a remarkable country that I have been fortunate to visit many times over the past 40 years.



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