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Jeffrey Frankel
By Jeffrey Frankel - Jun 22,2020
CAMBRIDGE — On June 8, the Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) declared that economic activity in the United States had peaked in February 2020, formally marking the start of a recession.
By Jeffrey Frankel - Jan 27,2020
AMSTERDAM — Although many supporters of US President Donald Trump seemingly believe that global warming is a hoax, almost everyone else agrees that climate change should be at the top of the list of important policy issues.
By Jeffrey Frankel - Nov 27,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — The “bicycle theory” used to be a metaphor for international trade policy.
By Jeffrey Frankel - Oct 24,2019
CAMBRIDGE — The language of international monetary policy has turned militaristic. The phrase “currency war” has now been popular for a decade, and the United States government’s more recent “weaponisation” of the dollar is generating controversy.
By Jeffrey Frankel - Jul 28,2019
CAMBRIDGE — The United States Federal Reserve has some reasons to cut interest rates at its July 31 meeting, or subsequently if the US economy weakens. There is also a case for holding rates steady, if growth remains as strong as it has been over the past year.
By Jeffrey Frankel - Jun 16,2019
CAMBRIDGE — This month marks the tenth full year of the US economic recovery that began in June 2009. Back then, a “trough” in business activity signified the end of the Great Recession that followed the 2007-08 global financial crisis.


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