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Javier Solana
By Javier Solana - Sep 29,2015
The arrival of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children seeking refuge from conflict has confronted the European Union with two stark realities.First, its member states are not all meeting their obligations, both to one another and according to international law.
By Javier Solana - Aug 29,2015
Next month, the world will achieve a milestone for global development efforts.The United Nations General Assembly will adopt the Sustainable Development Goals, an ambitious set of global objectives expected to improve the lives of millions of people by 2030.The fact that the SDGs
By Javier Solana - Jul 25,2015
The successful outcome of the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear programme provides a splendid validation for those who put their faith in diplomacy.
By Javier Solana - Jul 06,2015
June’s Turkish general election sent a powerful message: Turkey’s democracy remains intact.Indeed, while there were some grievances about transparency during the campaign process, democracy prevailed, with a stunning 86 per cent of eligible voters turning out — a rate rarely seen
By Javier Solana - Jun 01,2015
After World War I, when millions of European civilians were made refugees, forced out of their homelands by enemy occupation or deportation, an international regime was developed to coordinate effective responses and ease the suffering of those who had been uprooted.A century lat
By Javier Solana - May 22,2015
Information and communication technologies have become a central part of everyday life for most of the world’s population.They affect even the most underdeveloped and remote areas of the planet and have become a key factor driving development, innovation and economic growth. 
By Javier Solana - Apr 08,2015
It is safe to say that the most consequential geostrategic development of the last two decades has been China’s rise.  Yet the West has failed to accord China — not to mention the other major emerging economies — the degree of influence in today’s gl
By Javier Solana - Mar 19,2015
The European Union has taken democratic integration — driven by the free will of its members, rather than military force — to unprecedented levels, securing its place at the forefront of institutional innovation. But today, sentiment in the EU seems to lean towards &
By Javier Solana - Jan 28,2015
He came from Algeria seeking a better life, anticipating an escape from poverty, oppression and hopelessness. In Paris, he found a low-skill job and had children and grandchildren. As French citizens, they had the right to an education and healthcare.
By Javier Solana - Jan 11,2015
When Pope Francis addressed the European Parliament last November, he compared the European Union to a grandmother — pleasant and rich with experience, but lacking the vitality and energy of the past. It is high time, Francis argued, that EU leaders shed their dozy image,



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