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Javier Solana
By Javier Solana - Aug 20,2016
In many Western democracies, right-wing populists, energised by self-proclaimed victories over “establishment elites”, are doubling down on the claim that globalisation lies at the root of many citizens’ problems. For those whose living standards have stagnated or declined i
By Javier Solana - May 21,2016
Even amid the chaos and catastrophes caused by war, there are internationally recognised limits on combatants’ behaviour.
By Javier Solana - Apr 30,2016
The European Union has a dangerous case of nostalgia.
By Javier Solana - Mar 27,2016
In three months, British citizens will have to decide whether they remain in the European Union.
By Javier Solana - Nov 02,2015
When it comes to climate change, the world has reached a point of no return.That may sound ominous, but it is precisely where we need to be: unable to continue retreading old ground, we must resolutely set our future path.An important first step will come at the United Nations Cl
By Javier Solana - Sep 29,2015
The arrival of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children seeking refuge from conflict has confronted the European Union with two stark realities.First, its member states are not all meeting their obligations, both to one another and according to international law.
By Javier Solana - Aug 29,2015
Next month, the world will achieve a milestone for global development efforts.The United Nations General Assembly will adopt the Sustainable Development Goals, an ambitious set of global objectives expected to improve the lives of millions of people by 2030.The fact that the SDGs
By Javier Solana - Jul 25,2015
The successful outcome of the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear programme provides a splendid validation for those who put their faith in diplomacy.
By Javier Solana - Jul 06,2015
June’s Turkish general election sent a powerful message: Turkey’s democracy remains intact.Indeed, while there were some grievances about transparency during the campaign process, democracy prevailed, with a stunning 86 per cent of eligible voters turning out — a rate rarely seen
By Javier Solana - Jun 01,2015
After World War I, when millions of European civilians were made refugees, forced out of their homelands by enemy occupation or deportation, an international regime was developed to coordinate effective responses and ease the suffering of those who had been uprooted.A century lat



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