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Hasan Abu Nimah
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Sep 19,2017
The United Nations General Assembly is commencing its annual three-month session this week.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Sep 05,2017
There is no question that the war in Syria is approaching its end.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 29,2017
As many feared, the US team led by the president’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner ended its effort to resuscitate the moribund Palestinian-Israeli peace process without any tangible result.And yet, neither of the two directly concerned sides nor the Arab capitals that the A
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 22,2017
The Middle East is a region that has been deprived of peace for no less than a full decade.All efforts, by the UN, superpowers, regional actors and mediators over the years to resolve causes of instability have failed.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 15,2017
US President Trump is dispatching a new peace mission to the Middle East, news reports say.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 08,2017
The visit of His Majesty King Abdullah to Ramallah, the temporary seat of the Palestinian Authority, two days ago, is by no means an ordinary step. Coming at this critical moment, the visit sends a very important message of support to all Palestinians.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 01,2017
As responsible leaders whose countries’ and peoples’ interests are always ahead of any other consideration do, His Majesty King Abdullah rushed back home from a business tour to deal with a developing critical fresh crisis.As a matter of fact, the King is never absent.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jul 25,2017
As feared, after the recent Jerusalem attack, the Israeli government immediately jumped at the opportunity to step up premeditated plans for the gradual usurpation of the Muslim noble sanctuary, Al Haram Al Sharif.But that does not mean that the attack was part of the Israeli pla
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jul 19,2017
Last Friday, there was an attack in Jerusalem. Three Israeli Palestinian young men opened fire on Israeli forces near Bab Al Asbat, the gate in the Jerusalem Old City wall that leads to Al Haram Al Sharif.Two Israeli officers were killed, while another was injured.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jul 11,2017
The United Nations was established more than 70 years ago. Any objective assessment of its function would likely yield a poor outcome.The UN Charter was signed on June 26, 1945. The purpose of the organisation was defined in Article 1. It reads: “1.



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