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Gordon Brown
By Gordon Brown - Dec 28,2015
No visitor to the Middle East can avoid noticing the yawning gap between the educational, entrepreneurial and occupational aspirations of the region’s young people and the harsh reality that deprives so many of them of a positive future.Indeed, in the Middle East, half of those a
By Gordon Brown - Oct 05,2015
Just days ago, Abdul Al Kader, his four-year-old daughter Abdelillah, draped over his shoulders, was photographed standing at a dangerous intersection in Beirut, trying to sell biro pens to feed his family.The image of this Syrian refugee family’s plight, tweeted by a Norwegian,
By Gordon Brown - Jun 10,2015
On a recent visit to Beirut, I met a girl and a boy who struggled through a year filled with dread.
By Gordon Brown - May 18,2015
This year is a critical one for education worldwide. Despite a commitment by the international community to guarantee universal primary schooling, some 58 million of the world’s most marginalised children remain out of the classroom. And as we seek to expand the internati
By Gordon Brown - May 09,2015
A disaster happens. Bilateral aid is promised.
By Gordon Brown - Apr 11,2015
It has been nearly a year since the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls from their school in the town of Chibok in northern Nigeria, on April 14, 2014. Last week, on the website for the Office of the United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, I publis
By Gordon Brown - Apr 05,2015
Why is it that schools and schoolchildren have become such high-profile targets for murderous Islamist militants? The 147 students killed in an attack by the extremist group Al Shabab at a college close to Kenya’s border with Somalia are only the latest victims in a succes
By Gordon Brown - Apr 04,2015
Europe is once again divided between East and West — only this time the fault line runs through the European Union. The eastern members — most notably Poland and the Baltic states — are clinging fast to the EU in the face of Russian aggression. At the other ge
By Gordon Brown - Nov 30,2014
Two tragic and haunting images emerged this year: hooded Islamic State executioners holding their knives to the necks of innocent victims, and masked medical workers bravely fighting an uphill battle against an Ebola outbreak for which the world was not prepared. But the year&rs
By Gordon Brown - Nov 23,2014
British social reformer Eglantyne Jebb once noted that the only international language that the world understands is the cry of a child. Nearly a century after Jebb founded Save the Children, the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Malala Yousafzai, the 17-year-old campaigner



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