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Fahed Fanek
By Fahed Fanek - Mar 04,2018
On average, new income tax laws in Jordan are issued once every three years. Stability regarding this sensitive domain does not exist. Therefore, the battle between the government, the Parliament and business circles continues.
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 26,2018
Most economic indicators are judged and understood as a percentage of the gross domestic product (GDP).
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 18,2018
Some strong groups have been able to impose on weak governments total or partial exemption of taxes.
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 11,2018
After seven lean years of low economic growth, observers were hoping that growth will start to rise. Growth rate, instead, registered more decline.
By Fahed Fanek - Feb 04,2018
Several years ago, “middle class” as a political and social concept was not in circulation in Jordan.
By Fahed Fanek - Jan 28,2018
Jordan’s foreign trade sector is very important, it reflects the big picture of the economic activities, a picture that we are not happy with.The volume of foreign trade, imports and exports combined, amounts to around two thirds of the gross domestic product.
By Fahed Fanek - Jan 22,2018
The latest data from the Department of Statistics for the third quarter of 2017 indicated that unemployment rate in Jordan has stabilised at a new level, a record of 18.5 per cent, one of the highest in the world.We hoped that unemployment will start to decline due to the publici
By Fahed Fanek - Dec 18,2017
We have recently started to depend on numbers and percentages to measure success and failure in reaching the financial and economic objectives, instead of making valued judgements.Most, if not all, basic statistics are issued by the government, which needs full trust that numbers
By Fahed Fanek - Dec 10,2017
The draft budget for 2018 indicates that public expenditure will form around 32 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP).This is obviously a very high ratio: it reveals the fact that Jordan’s public sector is vast, so are salaries, wages, retirement sand subsidies etc.The dra
By Fahed Fanek - Dec 03,2017
It is estimated that the cost of Jordan’s imported oil and derivatives will reach JD2.1 billion in 2017, up 17 per cent from the previous year.Only 2.5 per cent of this cost is due to an increase in imports quantity, as a result of economic and population growth, an indication th



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