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Brahma Chellaney
By Brahma Chellaney - Feb 09,2020
NEW DELHI — From the Tigris to the Indus and the Yangtze to the Nile, rivers were essential to the emergence of human civilisation. Millennia later, hundreds of millions of people still depend on rivers to quench their thirst, grow food and make a living.
By Brahma Chellaney - Jan 26,2020
NEW DELHI — “Great nations do not fight endless wars,” US President Donald Trump declared in his 2019 State of the Union speech.
By Brahma Chellaney - Aug 05,2019
BANGKOK — Major dam construction projects have become a favourite pastime of some governments, with China leading the way.
By Brahma Chellaney - Mar 09,2019
BERLIN — Once again, an attack on India by a Pakistan-based terrorist group has raised the spectre of a major confrontation on the Indian subcontinent — and fuelled international pressure on Pakistan to take concrete action against the 22 United Nations-designated terrorist
By Brahma Chellaney - Jan 09,2019
NEW DELHI — The remote, coral-fringed North Sentinel Island made headlines late last year, after an American Christian missionary’s covert expedition to convert its residents, the world’s last known pre-Neolithic tribal group, ended in his death.
By Brahma Chellaney - Dec 17,2018
MANILA — It has been just five years since China initiated its major land reclamation in the South China Sea, and the country has already shifted the territorial status quo in its favour, without facing any international pushback.
By Brahma Chellaney - Oct 24,2018
WASHINGTON, DC — A long-overdue shift in America’s China policy is underway.
By Brahma Chellaney - Aug 25,2018
NEW DELHI — Asia’s future is inextricably tied to the Himalayas, the world’s tallest mountain range and the source of the water-stressed continent’s major river systems.
By Brahma Chellaney - Aug 05,2018
BERLIN — US President Donald Trump’s inability to think strategically is undermining longstanding relationships, upending the global order and accelerating the decline of his country’s global influence, or so the increasingly popular wisdom goes.
By Brahma Chellaney - Jun 14,2018
SINGAPORE — US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has spoken out against China’s strategy of “intimidation and coercion” in the South China Sea, including the deployment of anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missiles, and electronic jammers, and, more recently, the landing of nuclear-c