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Bill Emmott
By Bill Emmott - Feb 12,2020
LONDON — Sinn Féin’s success in Ireland’s February 8 general election, where it headed the poll, has come as a shock, owing to the party’s historic ties to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and that organisation’s association with violence.
By Bill Emmott - Jan 09,2019
DUBLIN — The March 29 deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is fast approaching, yet it remains far from clear how the departure is actually going to play out. Decision time will soon be unavoidable.
By Bill Emmott - Nov 25,2018
DUBLIN — The spectacular rise and fall of Carlos Ghosn, “Le Cost Killer” who saved Nissan after 1999 and built a powerful partnership of the Japanese carmaker, its big French shareholder, Renault, and Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors, resembles a Kabuki play, with the Japanese powers-th
By Bill Emmott - May 27,2018
LONDON — US President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to cancel his planned June 12 summit with Kim Jong-un represents a diplomatic coup for the North Korean leader, and an even bigger victory for China.
By Bill Emmott - Dec 11,2016
If developed countries acted rationally, and in the interest of electorates that understood how their tax money is spent, they would set their public-pension retirement age at or above 70.But most developed countries have retirement ages below this mark and, despite some progress
By Bill Emmott - Nov 27,2016
For the past couple of weeks, the world has been guessing at how US President-elect Donald Trump will behave in office and what policies he will pursue, following a long campaign full of contradictory statements.America’s previous businessman-presidents — Warren G.
By Bill Emmott - Jun 11,2016
Everyone knows there is no gain without pain.
By Bill Emmott - May 25,2016
As America’s friends and allies look on in astonishment at the all-but-certain prospect of a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in November’s US presidential election, they need to do more than just wring their hands.They must hope for the best but prepare for the w
By Bill Emmott - Mar 29,2016
The rise of billionaire Donald Trump in the US presidential race has been met with a mixture of horror and fascination.As his campaign, once regarded with derision, continues to rack up successes — most recently, in the Michigan and Mississippi primaries and the Hawaii caucus — p
By Bill Emmott - Feb 08,2016
Price movements as large and rapid as those that have upended oil markets since June 2014 are sure to cause pain to some and benefit others.Though the pain tends to capture the most attention, the benefit is just as important — if not more so.The 70 per cent drop in the price of



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