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Ayoub Abu Dayyeh
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Nov 19,2023
The philosophy of the environment, often referred to as environmental philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that seeks to address fundamental questions about the relationship between humans and the natural world.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Nov 10,2023
Air pollution within the closest layer of the atmosphere where life exists, which is called the biosphere, has experienced a global environmental crisis that affects the health and well-being of people and other living beings around the world.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Oct 27,2023
In a world facing pressing environmental challenges, environmental education stands as a minaret of hope, paving a mature path towards a more conscious, sustainable and responsible future.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Oct 21,2023
The mining industry, while a crucial driver of economic development and natural resource extraction in some countries, where concentrations of minerals are feasible, often comes at a significant cost to environmental sustainability.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Oct 16,2023
In our ever-illuminated modern world, the night sky is slowly vanishing, and the consequences of this light pollution are profound.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Oct 12,2023
Ignorance pollution is a term coined by the author hereby that has never been used before in academic or scientific literature.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Oct 07,2023
Chemical pollution is a global environmental concern that has far-reaching consequences for ecosystems, human health, and the planet as a whole.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Oct 02,2023
Environmental sustainability is a concept that has gained significant attention and importance in recent decades.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Sep 23,2023
Afforestation refers to the establishment of forests in areas where there existed no forests previously or where the forest cover has been absent for a long time.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Sep 19,2023
World population has experienced exponential growth in recent history, presenting both opportunities and challenges for sustainability.



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