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Anne O. Krueger
By Anne O. Krueger - Apr 25,2022
WASHINGTON, DC  —  When the economy is going well, the poor benefit more than others. But when things are going badly, it is the poor who are hurt the most.
By Anne O. Krueger - Mar 27,2022
WASHINGTON, DC  —  To help Ukraine while avoiding a nuclear confrontation between NATO and Russia, the United States and its allies have attacked the Russian economy with trade and financial sanctions on a previously unimaginable scale.
By Anne O. Krueger - Mar 01,2022
WASHINGTON, DC  —  Global economic growth since World War II has been an unprecedented success.
By Anne O. Krueger - Feb 28,2022
WASHINGTON, DC — Global economic growth since World War II has been an unprecedented success.
By Anne O. Krueger - Jan 25,2022
WASHINGTON, DC  —  Although the pandemic has caused upheavals and hardship around the world, it has fallen particularly hard on low- and middle-income countries.
By Anne O. Krueger - Nov 28,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — Among former US president Donald Trump’s many policy mistakes, some of the worst were in the area of trade. His administration’s sweeping tariffs on imported steel and aluminum were neither sensible nor even effective in achieving their stated objectives.
By Anne O. Krueger - Oct 12,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — Despite setbacks like the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic, the world economy has had a massively successful run since World War II.
By Anne O. Krueger - Sep 27,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — Despite the cantankerous, polarised atmosphere in Washington, DC, there seems to be bipartisan agreement on one thing at least: That China is a problem, and that the United States must respond to the competitive challenge it poses.
By Anne O. Krueger - Aug 26,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — No one would want to repeat the past 18 months. COVID-19, climate change, and global political developments have left tens of millions of people worse off physically and financially.
By Anne O. Krueger - Jul 28,2021
WASHINGTON, DC — US President Joe Biden recently issued an executive order calling on regulators to “further competition” in the shipping and rail industries, among others, because high and rising freight costs and delivery delays constitute a drag on economic activity by prevent



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