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Andrew Harper
By Andrew Harper - Jun 17,2015
World Refugee Day is an occasion to commemorate the strength and resilience of millions of people who have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety.The numbers of displaced worldwide hit the 50 million mark in 2015, making this a truly unprecedented global crisis, with
By Andrew Harper - Mar 10,2015
Last month I met a Syrian refugee family close to Amman whose daughter had recently taken the long and treacherous journey to Europe. I felt real sadness that a young woman would take the risk of embarking on this journey on her own, using a network of smugglers, because sh
By Andrew Harper - Jun 18,2014
Much has changed in the wider region since the last World Refugee Day commemoration, but unfortunately not for the better in Syria. What we still hoped could be a political solution to the humanitarian crisis, permitting the return of Syrian refugees, has not eventuated. No one
By Andrew Harper - Mar 12,2014
This weekend marks the third anniversary of what has become the largest refugee crisis of the 21st century, that of the Syrian conflict. Violence continues unabated and millions of Syrians have been forced from their homes.


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