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Amer Al Sabaileh
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Dec 13,2015
The current security challenges in the region are pushing many countries to think of an efficient anti-terror strategy.
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Dec 06,2015
Although everybody approves of the necessity to have an efficient strategy to fight Daesh, the shape and objectives of this strategy are still profoundly paradoxical.Since the first day the international coalition launched the strikes against Daesh, a state of confusion emerged,
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Nov 29,2015
European security services nowadays are facing the serious challenge of dealing with threats, in view of the lack of coordination among various branches of security services in Europe or within the same country.After World War II, Europe effectively managed to establish a civic s
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Nov 22,2015
 The November 13 attacks in Paris show that Daesh has moved to a most serious phase, targeting civilians going about their daily activities.The several almost simultaneous attacks in Paris placed all life activities under threat.The strikes targeted a stadium where an intern
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Nov 16,2015
Looking at surveys and polls regarding the reasons people participate in demonstrations and how they explain their protests should push analysts to draw some serious conclusions.It is important to note that the major reasons for taking to the streets are related to the economic s
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Nov 08,2015
As crises in the region do not seem to be anywhere near the end, countries should consider adopting new-fangled strategies to shield themselves from their consequences.Facing the increasing growth of terrorism has become the major concern of many countries, which should not, howe
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Nov 01,2015
Three key factors contributed to the failure to find a solution to the crisis in Syria during the Geneva 2 talks: not giving priority to fighting terrorism over the political solution; refusing any Iranian participation in the process; the call for an immediate departure of Presi
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Oct 25,2015
What does Syrian President Bashar Assad’s visit to Moscow signify? Why hadn’t Assad visited President Vladimir Putin earlier? And why has Russia declared this visit?
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Oct 18,2015
The Russian military move in Syria came after a series of meetings and understandings Moscow reached with several parties, including Washington.The lack of decisiveness in the US policy, which prevailed in the foregoing phase, especially since the emergence of Daesh, created a sp
By Amer Al Sabaileh - Oct 11,2015
A national think tank should not reflect harmony and pro-government politics, but should at least be able to influence policy in an informal way.The idea of involving more people in the decision-making process, in an informal way, is undoubtedly brilliant, as it gives people



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