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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Aug 04,2019
One of the best qualities of Jordanian society is its predisposition to conservation. As in many societies, conservationist attitudes were borne out of need, and it is not so far back in history that Jordanian society was too poor to let anything go to waste.
By Ali Kassay - Jul 28,2019
“The new billing system violates the Constitution… it is doomed to failure… It will enhance tax evasion and fiscal and administrative corruption.”Well, this is how the president of the Jordan Bar Association described the billing system that was enacted on July 1 to enhance tax e
By Ali Kassay - Jul 22,2019
Earlier this month, the world was treated to a glimpse of what happens behind the strict politeness of international diplomacy, when the reporting cables of Britain’s ambassador to the US were leaked to the press.Regardless of the personalities involved and of the unidentified fl
By Ali Kassay - Jul 14,2019
One of the best traditional Arab institutions was “Uqalaa Al Qawm” or the wisepeople of the community.
By Ali Kassay - Jul 08,2019
Last Saturday was a momentous day to many because on that day, the results of international standardised exams, e.g. AP, SAT and International Baccalaureate, came out.There was a very tense moment at my house while my son searched the screen of his laptop for his results.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 24,2019
One of the greatest failings of governments anywhere is bad memory, or the assumption that the people are forgetful.For instance, in November 2016, Omar Razzaz wrote in a local daily: “Jordan must work to come out of the present bottleneck not by raising taxes but by raising prod
By Ali Kassay - Jun 16,2019
The first of this month celebrated the fourth awards ceremony of the Teachers and Students Environment Art Competition.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 09,2019
Like most Jordanians of my generation, I first met east Asian people at university in Britain.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 03,2019
Last week, I experienced the proudest moment in a parent’s life: celebrating the achievement of one’s child.
By Ali Kassay - May 19,2019
In 1999, Argentine-Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim and the late Palestinian-American academic Edward Said founded jointly the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.



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