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Akram Al Deek
By Akram Al Deek - Mar 07,2019
At the heart of every cultural revolution there is always a sociopolitical agenda and an ideology that either resists or preserves. Does Amman have either? And what are the major obstacles facing it?Undoubtedly, the cultural scene in Amman is not the same anymore.
By Akram Al Deek - Dec 20,2018
The death, or perhaps the decline, of the novel as the literary genre par excellence was announced in 2015, when Svetlana Alexievich, a Belarusian journalist and essayist, won the Nobel Prize in Literature.
By Akram Al Deek - Dec 06,2018
In Jordan, the political scene is very slow and struggling.
By Akram Al Deek - Nov 22,2018
Leading nations worldwide such as “Great” Britain have already started wars against humanities — philosophy, arts, literature, history, languages, etc. — by applying major financial cuts in order to focus more on sciences.
By Akram Al Deek - Nov 15,2018
The 20th century has witnessed unprecedented mass migration movements from the formerly colonised to the heart of former colonies. This has resulted subsequent to the decolonisation of many formerly colonised nations.
By Akram Al Deek - Oct 18,2018
Let us agree first that food integrates and adapts: it is frontierless. Food can deliver a sense of home even in the most alienating conditions.
By Akram Al Deek - Oct 06,2018
The year 1998 was the first time I had ever heard of Edward Said.
By Akram Al Deek - Sep 27,2018
Since my return from England in 2014, I have settled in Amman. I have been very excited to see the beige walls coloured with uprising graffiti art around the city. Surely, Amman is not Berlin.
By Akram Al Deek - Sep 20,2018
Europe seems to feed what Samuel Huntington called in his 1992 lecture “The clash of civilisations”: a myth that assumes cultural, as opposed to political or economic, conflict between Western and non-Western civilisations.
By Akram Al Deek - Jun 12,2018
Britain's Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has recently, and controversially, suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin will try to bolster Russia's image through hosting the World Cup in a similar way to how Adolf Hitler used the Olympics, when it was held in Nazi Germany.


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